Making your favorite Replica Vehicles and Upgrades since 2019!

I started off by making simple vehicle liveries for FiveM and GTA V and it quickly grew into making YMAP's and then into 3D models of wheels and other truck parts for my friends. As I learned and improved I became interested in making more than just the DEV parts, and that's when I started making Game Ready Vehicles too. I now make lots of DEV resources such as wheels, car and truck parts, exhausts and more, along with the Replica Game Ready vehicles. If you have questions or want something custom made, dont hesitate to reach out by visiting my Discord server by clicking the green banner above.

By purchasing anything on this website you agree to the following terms and conditions:

1. Redistribution/reselling of anything is strictly forbidden (my z3ds are the only exception and those MUST be used only on locked models).

2. Claiming ownership of anything you get from here is strictly prohibited, this includes posting images or text claiming to be the creator.

3. All sales are final! I understand issues/errors occur, and of course I will be happy to take care of it. However, "I have changed my mind", "I don't like it anymore" or any other excuse is no reason for a refund. If you have an issue, please contact me through my Discord server or the Contact Us page.

4. If you decide to break any of the above rules, unless otherwise agreed upon, it will result in an instant and permanent ban from the Discord Server and the servers of other Verified Devs! Legal action may be taken.

5. If you are banned for good reason in the server, you forfeit any purchases you have or will make and will not be given a refund.

6. You will not hold me responsible for Rockstar's new FiveM restrictions and rules on branded vehicles.

Thank you!

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